Saturday january 14th 2023




Male Chastity Day

Come participate to this day
Discover the benefits of male chastity


Saturday January 14th, give away your keys !

Offer the keys to your chastity device
Submit yourself to your partner to give him the best of yourself



Commit to :
have a pleasant, respectful and docile behavior until the day of your release.

Send an invitation

to your partner

First choice :

I do not actively participate in this event but I wish to promote it around me.

Second choice :

I wish to be placed in my chastity device to submit to the person who will be keeping the keys. I am actively involved in this event and I pledge to give the best of myself, until the day of my release.

Third choice :

I wish to invite someone to participate with me in this event. On the 14th of January, I invite him to give me the keys of his chastity device and to comply with the rules I will be writing during his period of chastity.


Terms of participation


By agreeing to keep the keys, you become a coach for your man  
By giving him your advice, you give him the opportunity to shine.
You commit him to improve his behavior and you support him in fulfilling his obligations.

For his part, the man undertakes to accept an appropriate domestic discipline.
He will pay the greatest attention to all the services you could ask him.


By agreeing to stay under control in his chastity device, he agrees to remain there for an indefinite period.
The release date being at the discretion of the keyholder.

However, it is customary that the date of release does not exceed the day of Valentine's Day. In any case, the day of liberation will be the moment when, to thank him for what he accomplished, you will allow him to regain his freedom.